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Project Approach

Caliber will assign a Project Manager (PM) from the engineering discipline that requires the most involvement on a particular project. The PM will act as the interface between the Caliber Design team members and the Architect, Owner, Sub Consultant, Owners Vendors and the General and Sub Contractors.


The PM will act as the collection and distribution point for all project related incoming and outgoing correspondence including proposals, drawing files, requests for Information, meeting minutes and shop drawings. The PM will discuss and coordinate project milestones with the Owner/ Architect at the beginning of the project and will relay and input those milestones into our internal scheduling data base. The PM will internally review MPE design requirements at the beginning of the project that will have impact on the Architects and or other design consultants drawing packages. Those items will be conveyed to the Architect to ensure that the Architect and design consultants and vendors are aware of and can integrate the MPE requirements into their respective designs early in the design phase. The PM will also ensure that any MPE long lead items that would an impact to the overall project schedule are identified and specified early in the design phase to allow the Owner/General Contractor sufficient time to procure these items prior to completion of the design to maintain the overall project schedule.


The PM will participate in all required project design and construction phase meetings and will disseminate required tasks/updates to our team immediately following the meeting. The PM will hold weekly internal meetings during the design phase to ensure that the design is progressing on schedule. The meetings will ensure that we have received all required information from the Architect to ensure that our design remains on schedule and to ensure that our team has provided the required information necessary for the architect and their design consultants to maintain the design schedule.

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